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Hiking destinations around Sárvár

You can take joyous trips around Sárvár as well.

The city of Szombathely only 25 km from Sárvár is specially rich at roman findings and baroque attractions. For families with children offers unforgettable experience the adventure city, toy empire. The historical carnival is a real time travel, where visitors may face with the past of the 2000 year old city. The carnival takes place in august every year.

The city of Kőszeg count to the jewelry box of the region. In the fresh air everyone feels well during a nice walk tot he Irottkő or tot he 7 springs or tot he Steier houses.

Ring Pannonia at Ostfyasszonyfa offers its visitors car and motor race and gokart drive.

About 40 km from Sárvár, the most picturesque roman fortress sits in Sümeg. All year long offers fantastic programmes, events, knightly tournaments. Sitke is only 8 km from Sárvár, is famous from its rock festival arranged every year.

The visitors often seek out the castle Felsőbüki Nagy also. Sopron is the city of loyalty and freedom, center of the region’s wine district.
The city center with its romantic streets and attractions, like the symbol fire tower, and main square is also idillyc excursion place only 50 km from Sárvár.
To agglomeration of Sárvár belongs also Fertőd, city of music with the castle of Esterházy. Lovers of nature and cycling can arrande tours around the lake.


One of the most beautiful botanique garden of europe is situated near vas county’s Kám village. The most guests are welcomed during summer at rhododendron flowering.

Only one hour drive is the biggest lake of Hungary, lake Balaton with its numerous attractions, water sport activities. It is worth to see Keszthely, Tapolca, Szigliget, Balatonfüred, Badacsony and many other places...


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