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Sárvár a small town on Western Transdanubia is situated on bots part of river Raab. With its rich historical past and beautifull nature offers around the whole year something extraordinary.

Castlemuseum- Nádasdy
As part of the hungarian historical heritages, count the castle from 2011 also as memorial site.
Originally was the castle built of mud. At the medieval place of the castle was built a fortress with 5 angles in the XVI. century in renaissance style. In castle is a culturcentre, Ferenc Nádasdy-museum and library. Im museum the guests can get inside of the hungarian hussar world.

Botanical Garden (Arboretum) and natural lake system

The 10 hectare wide Arboretum and the 9 hectare wide natural lake system is based out of 4 parts. 5 small islands with 5 wooden bridges offer a romantic and enjoyable atmophere. From spring to autumn the guests can enjoy boat rides, in winter eventuell ice skating as well.

Zoo (Vadkert - Major)
At the lake system is situated the small houshold economie where next to houseanimals, there are some services available like, horse carriage , Zoo, cicletour, horse riding, hunting.

Parkforest at the lake system offers hikingrouten, jogging and nordic walking routes.

In these adventure park the Guests can enjoy a 120 stable Cablecar a 10 meter high climbing tour and archery range.

Main square with glockenspiel and fontaine-theatre
The lovers of great food and wine will find several restaurants and vine cellars. Weekly programmevenings, summer garden. The attractiveness of the town will be increased through cultural festivals like international folklore festival, international marching band festival, castle motorcicle and rockfestival at the first weekend of august. End of october the Simon-Júdás land market.

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